Our Giveback

Healthy Smiles and Our Giveback Program

Healthy Smiles is all about giving back. While in dental school, one of Dr. Roberts’s instructors was part of a cleft palate team who has since started “A Smile for a Child Foundation.”

This foundation gives opportunities and assistance to children and their families to be able to afford the costs of surgeries, dentistry and orthodontic needs required to repair these birth defects as the child continues to grow throughout their lifetime. This Foundation also provides scholarships to children to support their educational needs. They have several programs to donate to or to apply for a grant for those needing their services.

Healthy Smiles donates a portion of our proceeds to this inspiring program, so when you allow us to help enhance your smile, you in turn enhance the smiles of these amazing kids.

Visit https://www.oklahomacleft.org/ to donate personally or to apply for a grant.

What is “A Smile for a Child Foundation”?
A Smile for a Child Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides assistance with the many medical, educational and emotional needs of children who have been born with a cleft lip, cleft palate or other craniofacial birth defects. They serve to offset the enormous financial cost of these corrective procedures. Their mission is to ensure that these children can go on to lead happy, normal lives.

Who is “A Smile for a Child Foundation”?
A Smile for a Child Foundation is dedicated to holistically serving children with cleft lips and cleft palates. Their programs aim to help these children and their families from birth to the completion of their treatment and on. Their goal is to empower these children and eliminate a lack of care due to underfunding.

Is “A Smile for a Child” Transparent with their finances?
A Smile for a Child Foundation is transparent with their finances. Your donation goes directly to funding their many programs: healthcare grants, academic scholarships, special equipment and Guatemala trips.

How much does Healthy Smiles donate to the “A Smile for a Child Foundation”?
We are making 2021 to be a new beginning and to be a year of giving. So, kicking this off as a debut give back program in 2021, Healthy Smiles will donate 1% of its revenues to A Smile for a Child Foundation.

What is next for you?
“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

2020 became a year of renewed security in faith for many, and it is not to be left behind or forgotten but to be carried forward with a renewed purpose. Help us solidify 2021 as a year of giving. With the debut of our give back program, we hope to start something that we can build on every year: possibly add new charities every year, or maybe sponsor a new charity every month. No matter how this program develops, we hope you will assist us in seeing how far this give back will go. But for now, A Smile for a Child Foundation will be our focus. Rest assured that you are helping others by allowing us to care for your smile.

Make a difference today and help us make these smiles shine!