Oral Surgery

At Healthy Smiles, your comfort is the first thing that we care about. Our oral surgery procedures treat a wide range of conditions and diseases such as dental treatments, tooth loss, wisdom teeth removal, endodontal disease, teeth extraction, jaw, mouth and teeth injuries and more! Talk with our dentist about your pain management options to ensure that we have the best treatment available for you. Give us a call at 580-237-0694 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Erin Roberts and learn more about oral surgery in Enid, Oklahoma!

Oral surgery encompasses a range of surgical dental procedures aimed at enhancing the function, health and aesthetic appeal of your smile and the surrounding structures, including your jaw. While our primary objective is to provide conservative treatment options whenever possible, there are instances where oral surgery becomes necessary to address specific conditions and improve both oral and overall health. Some common oral surgery procedures include tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, bone grafts and dental implant placement.

Tooth extraction is performed when a tooth is severely decayed, damaged or infected, making it impossible to restore effectively. Wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary when these teeth are impacted or grow in at an incorrect angle, potentially causing complications. Bone grafts may be carried out to increase bone density or improve the success rate of dental implant procedures.

At our office, we offer an array of oral surgery treatments. We also collaborate closely with other dental professionals and hospitals as needed to ensure that you receive exceptional results. Our experienced dentist will carefully assess your smile and individual needs to determine if oral surgery is the most suitable treatment option for you.

We understand the importance of your comfort throughout the oral surgery process. Our dedicated team is committed to creating a relaxed and soothing environment. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us today to discover more about oral surgery and schedule your personalized consultation.