Bone Grafting

Dr. Erin Roberts provides bone grafting to help you regain healthy and strong supporting bone tissue. This oral surgery procedure may be needed if you have lost teeth or if gum disease or other conditions have caused your jawbone to deteriorate. To learn more about bone grafting in Enid, Oklahoma, or to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist, please contact Healthy Smiles today at 580-237-0694.

Bone grafting is a crucial oral surgery procedure aimed at addressing inadequate jawbone density or thickness. When your jawbone lacks the necessary strength, a bone graft can be performed to transplant bone from another part of your body or jaw. While using your own bone typically yields the best results, artificial bone material or bone fragments from a tissue bank can be used if necessary. As the jawbone integrates with the grafted bone tissue, it forms a stronger and more stable foundation.

One common reason for needing a bone graft is when your bone density is insufficient to support dental implants or other necessary treatments. Following tooth loss or extraction, the jawbone begins to deteriorate at the extraction site: a process known as resorption. Before a dental implant can be placed, this resorption must be rectified. While bone grafts are frequently required for implant dentistry, they can also be necessary for certain types of periodontal therapy, especially when bone loss has occurred due to gum disease.

If you want to learn more about bone grafting and determine whether dental implants and bone grafting are suitable for enhancing your smile, we encourage you to contact or visit us today. Our experienced dentist and dedicated team are eager to provide comprehensive care for your smile.