Dental Implant Placement

The first step in replacing your missing teeth and restoring your smile is a dental implant placement procedure. This treatment replaces your tooth roots, ensuring that your new teeth and smile will have a stable foundation. Call Healthy Smiles at 580-237-0694 to set up a consultation with Dr. Erin Roberts and learn more about dental implant placement in Enid, Oklahoma.

When it comes to restoring your smile, dental implant placement is a crucial step in the process. This initial stage involves a surgical procedure where a small screw, typically made of a biocompatible material such as titanium, is inserted into your jawbone. Acting as an artificial tooth root, the implant post stimulates your jawbone and provides a stable foundation for your teeth and the eventual implant restoration. To ensure a successful outcome, we will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions to aid in your healing process.

Following the implant placement, a period of healing is necessary. During this time, a process called “osseointegration” occurs, whereby the implant post fuses with your jawbone, creating a strong and durable connection. Our skilled dentist will closely monitor your progress during the healing period and work with you to design and place the final implant restoration that will cap the post and complete your treatment.

In some cases, a bone grafting treatment may be required before implant placement if there is insufficient supporting bone tissue. Additionally, any pre-existing conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease must be addressed prior to receiving an implant to ensure the best possible outcome.

To learn more about dental implant placement and to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist, please contact our office today. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile through implant dentistry.