Gum Grafting

Dr. Erin Roberts offers gum grafting to help you regain healthy gum tissue. If your gums have receded due to periodontal disease, injury or other factors, a gum graft is a great solution for restoring your oral health and smile. Call Healthy Smiles today at 580-237-0694 to find out more about gum grafting in Enid, Oklahoma, and make your appointment with our experienced dentist.

Gum grafting, also known as a soft tissue graft, is a procedure performed to address gingival recession. It may also be recommended to improve the aesthetics of your gumline and give you a more balanced smile if your gumline is uneven or is causing your teeth to appear too long. When the gums recede, exposing the tooth roots, a gum graft becomes necessary. Your gums may recede due to a number of factors, such as overaggressive brushing, poor oral hygiene, use of tobacco products or periodontal disease.

During the gum grafting procedure, our skilled dentist will carefully attach grafting tissue onto the areas of the gums that require additional tissue. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, the graft may be sourced from another part of your mouth or from a tissue bank. If your own tissues are used, they can be obtained from the roof of your mouth or the surrounding gums. Additionally, tissue-stimulating proteins such as PRF may be utilized to encourage natural growth and expedite the healing process.

We welcome you to contact our team for more information about gum grafting and to schedule an appointment with our dentist. We are dedicated to helping you regain healthy gums and a healthy smile.