Scaling & Root Planing

One of the first treatments Dr. Erin Roberts may provide after you are diagnosed with periodontal disease is a scaling and root planing treatment. This simple treatment works to thoroughly clean your mouth, removing disease-causing factors and halting the progression of your gum disease in its tracks. To learn more about scaling and root planing in Enid, Oklahoma, or to set up an appointment with our experienced dentist, contact Healthy Smiles today at 580-237-0694.

Scaling and root planing, a highly effective treatment for gum disease, plays a crucial role in preventing its progression into a severe condition. This comprehensive procedure consists of two essential steps: scaling and root planing.

  • Scaling involves the meticulous removal of plaque and tartar, also known as dental calculus, from the surface of the teeth. This process helps eliminate harmful bacteria that accumulate and contribute to gum disease.
  • Root planing focuses on cleansing the tooth roots, smoothing them to eliminate bacterial toxins. By creating a clean and smooth surface, this step promotes the reattachment of gums to the teeth, preventing further damage caused by the disease.

The primary objectives of scaling and root planing are to eradicate bacteria, plaque and tartar while impeding the advancement of gum disease. Although most patients undergo this treatment comfortably without anesthesia, our skilled dentist offers anesthetic options and additional comforts to ensure your ease throughout the procedure. Depending on the extent of your disease, scaling and root planing may be divided into multiple appointments, with our dentist and team targeting specific sections of the mouth during each treatment session.

In some cases, scaling and root planing may be complemented with other forms of periodontal therapy, such as antibiotic treatment. However, for the majority of patients, this comprehensive cleaning procedure proves sufficient in halting the progression of periodontal disease.

We welcome you to call us today if you have any questions about scaling and root planing or our other periodontal treatments, or to schedule a consultation with our dentist.