Same-Day Dental Crowns in Enid, OK

Dr. Erin Roberts may recommend a dental crown to restore your damaged teeth. Using advanced CEREC technology, our dentist and team can create your crown in a single appointment, allowing you to leave our office with a beautiful, renewed smile. Call 580-237-0694 today to schedule an appointment at Healthy Smiles and learn more about same-day dental crowns in Enid, Oklahoma!

A dental crown is the “cap” that covers the tooth. It should feel normal while fitting and functioning just like a normal tooth. Because 75% of women are allergic to base metals, Healthy Smiles offers same-day metal-free crowns. No more worry about metal reactions. No more worry about your temporary crown lasting until you need to come back. No more second appointment. Your time is important to us!

The cost of the crown and what insurance can and will cover should definitely be a point of conversation with the Healthy Smiles team.

Traditional dental crowns require two visits to complete, while our same-day crowns are completed in just one appointment to save you time and help you avoid the need for temporary crowns during your wait period. Your crown is also made from high-quality porcelain material to ensure a natural and long-lasting result for your smile.

We invite you to contact our office if you have any questions about same-day dental crowns or to set up a consultation with our experienced dentist. We are dedicated to helping you regain and enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for life.